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Good Luck and a Benevolent God

Contemporary Adult Fiction

An eccentric family, sex, religion, music. What else could you want?  Fans of Elizabeth Strout (Olive Kittridge) and Elizabeth Gilbert (City of Girls) will enjoy this portrait of Mandy Flanagan.

When she died, she wanted them all to be there, not just the family but all of them. But who was that man taking photos of her in her coffin? In 1924 she was a pretty Irish girl from Boston eloping to New York City hoping to be a Broadway star. What happened? Told with wit and affection, this is the story of her life, her controversial relationships and how it ended her way. 


"Appel writes in the natural prose of a raconteur, rising occasionally to the level of lyricism. A well-told account of a striver and dreamer who got some of what she wanted."  Kirkus Reviews   

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Going Up, New and Selected Poems
 by E. A. Appel

Poetry Chapbook            ISBN-9781680730104

"Her new collection of poems carry in them a stark honesty about relationships that familiar. They engage us without apology; we hear a voice asking to be heard and finally to be understood. And this is where Appel connects. She taps into that universal desire to seek out 'something of meaning' in our dented but fixable lives."

 -Amy Nawrocki, author of Four Blue Eggs and Reconnaissance

"Clear-eyed and bold, her poems reveal the mystery and yes, the tedium of everyday life. She writes about universal truths with grace and wit. I recognized myself, my life, and my family in her poems. I laughed, I cried Hurrah!" 

 -Pat Vidal, author of The Fair Faint Dream

 The Median

A contemporary thriller about a woman who disappears.


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