About Her

There are many Elizabeths in this world.


If you searched the internet, you’d find writers named Elizabeth Appel and Liz Appel. But they are probably not this author. That’s why she writes fiction as Zeb Appel (a college friend called her that). For poetry and plays, she may use her initials as E. A. Appel. Big secret? Growing up, she was called Betty Anne (that’s her on her new bike). 

 "I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor and rich is better."   —Mae West

Zeb has always been a writer but moved around the country, earned degrees, and worked in a variety of professions:

Waitress, Discount Clerk, Women’s Better Clothing, Macys Gift Wrap, Ticketron Operator, Food Service Worker, Grocery Cashier, Rhubarb Trimmer, Bean Picker, Maid, Insurance Clerk, Cost Accounting Clerk, Psychiatric Technician, Singer Sewing Machine Demonstrator, Executive Search Agent, Production Control Clerk, Materials Analyst, Computer Operator/Manager, Programmer/Analyst, Software Design Analyst, Musician, Real Estate Agent, Systems Analyst, Senior Management Consultant, Entrepreneur Soy Food Factory (soy milk, tofu, soy yogurt production & wholesale distribution), Appraiser, Asset Management Compliance Director, Economic Development Fund Manager, Community Development Regional Manager, Adjunct Professor of English, Technical Writing and Business Communication.  

She lives in rural Connecticut with her family.