It's Finally Here.
"Appel tells the story of the colorful life and death of Mandy Flanagan in this debut literary novel.
     Appel writes in the natural prose of a raconteur, rising occasionally to the level of lyricism when praising her heroine, as here where she is seen through the eyes of Henry during a trip to the beach: 'He thought she could be a beacon for sailors, anchored against the wind and sea, except that he was sure the men would want to come closer to see for themselves the wild green tassels blowing on her dress, enticing them like a siren, power swirling around her.'
     It's a wide-ranging tale, full of minor characters and digressions, and the reader isn't always sure where things are going. Even so, Appel manages to hold her web of malcontents (and the novel) together with her easy narration and her larger-than-life protagonist."
                                                          -Kirkus Reviews

*Available in print and as a downloadable ebook from your local library or bookstore.  


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